Project Area

Within the bounds of the INTERREG III Initiative of the European Regional Development Fund, large areas of land in the Austrian Provinces of Tyrol, Salzburg and Carinthia, together with parts of the Italian Provinces of Bozen, Belluno and Udine were brought together to constitute the Austro-Italian Project Region. Large parts of this region consist of undisturbed or near natural and cultural alpine landscapes, many of which are under some form of protection. These alpine landscapes and natural habitats are typical of the entire geographical region.


Partner Organisations

The present project encompasses 5 protected areas within the INTERREG Project region. All of these areas are included within the European NATURA 2000 network of Protected Areas. They are all recognised as core areas of habitat for the golden eagle in the Eastern Alps. Together, they cover an area of about 3 200 km², which is about 8.5% of the Austria-Italy INTERREG Project area.


Overview of the Protected Areas included within the AQUILALP.NET Project


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