The World Working Group on Birds of Prey and Owls
Homepage of the World Working Group on Birds of Prey and Owls , an International Society of scientists and amateur ornithologists who are devoted to research into and protection of birds of prey.

Bearded Vulture - Reintroduction into the Alps
Project homepage of the international reintroduction project.

Migrating birds know no boudary
Homepage of the International Centre for Bird Protection Research in Latrun (Israel), with links to interesting projects such as Satellite telemetry ofvon large birds, with on-line maps.

Discover the species of the Birds Directive
In this Webseite the European Commission provides short factsheets on all the bird species listed in the Appendix I of the EU Birds Directive.

Conservation Programme Golden Eagle
Pages of the Landesbundes für Vogelschutz in Bayern (e.V.) devoted to a Project on the protection of the Golden Eagle in Allgäu.

Homepage of the project "Entwicklung eines Leitfadens zum Schutz des Steinadlers in den Alpen" financed by the Allianz Umweltstiftung
The project was undertaken between1994 and 2000 within the Berchtesgaden National Park in Bavaria. The work involved identifikation of the most important habitats for the Golden Eagle in the Alps.

Global Register of Migrating Species - GROMS
The Global Register of Migratory Species (GROMS) summarizes our state of knowledge about migratory species. Fact sheets about species are available for download.

Bird-Families of the world
A not yet complete list of web sites covering all the bird families of the world, put together by Don Roberson, a Californian Ornithologist and "birder"
Taxonomie und Systematik der Vögel der Welt
A complete and regularly updated list of all the bird species known in the world.

Raptor Research
Homepage of Bernd-Ulrich und Cristiane Meyburg including an extensive range of scientific publications concerning birds of prey (partly available for downloading).



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